The Choice of Confidence

At Sipro we recognise the importance of taking the risk out of your decision making process. Our collective experience, choice of product and use of latest technology and 3D presentation techniques help form a consistent process that ensures your final choice can be made with the confidence of success.

Solutions Beyond Convention

Sometimes the solution defies convention at Sipro we thrive on 'out of the box' thinking to present ideas that can only come through years of proven experience.

Try our free consultancy service to help you find the right solutions to benefit your production process.

Our Main Products

Grab a Bargin - Check Out Our Refurbished Systems

At a time when austerity measures are taking hold budgets are necessarily tight. Sipro from time to time has access to fully refurbished systems that will continue to give many years service without having to make the level of investment required for a new system.

Ride out the difficult times with a refurbished Sipro system - check out our refurbished stock, but be quick all systems are offered on a first come first serve basis.



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