Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems



  • Endless flexibility
  • Unique modular construction
  • Reduces number of drives needed by 65%
  • High load capacity (upto 50Kg/m)
  • One continuous conveyor incorporating straights, inclines and curves
  • Simple, low cost maintenance - conveyor flights just 'snap' into place - can be replaced individually
  • Conveyor speeds up to 60m/minute
  • Wide selection of conveyor widths
  • Available in coated mild steel or wash down stainless steel

AmbaVeyor R01
AmbaVeyor R02

The AmbaVeyor is a modular conveyor system designed for the transport of unit loads along straights, around bends and upward and downward inclines over long distances using a single motor.

The AmbaVeyor uses a unique flexible central drive chain onto which specialised conveyor slats are 'snapped' in place. Each slat overlaps the other creating a 'closed' belt, which moves on specially designed slide profiles that ensure the belt and transported load remains stable across the full width of the belt and over the entire course of the conveyor, whether at low, medium or high (ceilling) level.

The belt's unique ability to flex sideways and to negotiate upward and downward bends allow the AmbaVeyor to incorporate straight, inclines and curved tracks in a one drive conveyor system that can extend over distances of up to 50 metres.

Conveying items from A to B using AmbaVeyor means a miniumum of transfer points and up to 65% fewer motors for an incredibly low running and maintenance cost. Thanks to the unique 'Snap on' slat design maintenance is quick and easy and can be completed without special tools.