Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems

Pallet magazine

Sipro has a full range of empty pallet dispensers to work independently or as part of a full system. Our budget dispensers handle 4 way average to good condition single size pallets - these represent fantastic value for money if your pallet type and condition are suitable.

Our more forgiving fork type dispensers are largely ignorant of pallet condition and pallet type making them more of an all rounder. Variations between the two types are also possible to enable you to handle a wider variety of empty pallets from a single dispenser.

Further options can be added to increase empty pallet stock or to even accumulate empty pallet stacks to extend system restocking intervals. For optimum safety we can also add light beam protection to the pallet loading access.

Constructed from robust square and 'u' section steel - Sipro pallet dispensers are made to last!