Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems

Features & Benefits

A800 4 - A800 4E Partic 3

Long Life Top Sheet Cutting System

The polyethylene sheet is cut with a full-width toothed blade. The device holds the sheet on and under the blade and cuts it in the middle with a short run movement.

This simple solution guarantees a perfect cut in any working condition for more than 100,000 pallets.

Solid Structures - Simple Designs Make for Greater Reliability

Our wrappers age with confidence thanks to simple and reliable design allied to use of the best components to guarantee your peace of mind.

Strength and resistance have always been at the core of the wrapper’s design process. Reliability will not diminish over time as the motors, pneumatics, electronic components and safety systems have been selected from amongst world’s leading brands to make our stretch wrappers practically indestructible!

Smoother and More Even Film Distribution

Our electronic powered film pre-stretch system is controlled by a tacho generator, which enables smoother dispensing of the film and a higher degree of pre-stretch.

All our wrapping machines allow you to accurately configure the film tension directly on the wrapper’s HMI control panel.

Wrapped Pallet (PNG)

Switching to Us is Economical

Our wrappers exceed industry standards and the simple chart on this page is the proof.

Our electronic pre-stretch carriages can stretch film up to 400% and the savings you get compared to traditional stretch limits is there to see on the graph above. It takes a Sipro wrapper operating at 10 pallets per hour to save €5,000 and 3,500Kg of film a year to reduce the impact on the environment.

Which is fantastic news for all of us.

Improved Point of Delivery Presentation

Constant monitoring and adjustment of the film tension in relation to the pallet provides more repeatable and reliable securing of the load to ensure your goods arrive at point of delivery in as good condition as they left you.

Optional ‘wrapped in’ top sheets also protect the load against dust and water contamination that could render your valuable products unacceptable at point of delivery with the unwanted extra cost of accepting returned product.

Improved Shifted Product Recovery

An advantage of such precise film tensioning control is the pallets ability to recover in some instances from the effects of severe handling outside of normal limits, saving in many instances what would have been spoiled product and loss of profit!


No Film Tails!

Sipro Stretchwrappers leave no trail…... all film tail ends are securely sealed to the pallet wrap using a clamping, cutting and heat sealing device! The stand alone sealing device utilises a welding plate heated by resistors, with temperature control effected by thermocouple to ensure a safe, reliable and effective seal.

Easy, Simple and Convenient Adjustment

On Sipro supplied Stretchwrappers the film unwind speed is inverter controlled and managed by a tachometric dynamo to ensure the film tension can be accurately controlled and maintained despite the variable distance between the flat faces and corners of the pallet in relation to the film unwind system.

Such precise and fluent film control avoids under or over tensioning and therefore loose or tight spots that can otherwise affect load stability or deform the pallet load.

Wrapping as it Should Be

Automatic rotating platform wrapping machine with stretched film for palletised loads.

The electronic powered device for releasing film is controlled by a tacho generator, ensuring a pre-stretching to 340% and a saving on film of 75% while providing excellent pallet stability, ensuring that your pallets arrive at their destination as they left you.