Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems

Sipro machine guarding is based on the Axelent range of innovative guarding solutions that meet the very latest European machine directives.

Axelent’s machine guards are designed to fulfill the most stringent demands put on a functional machine guard.

Functional and smart

In addition to safety, Axelent machine guards have many smart solutions to facilitate the flow in and around machines that require this type of protection.


Axelent machine guards are built around a standard design with regard to panels, posts, accessories and colour. This makes it easier for you to complement existing guards if required.


X-Guard® machine guards are available in mesh panel sections or sheet plate and plastic sections. Axelent’s large selection of doors, locks and accessories offer a complete machine guard that Sipro can use to tailor solutions to your exact requirements.


Innovative, cost effective and above all safe - our guarding solutions offer fantastic value for money solutions that offers you rapid ROI and above all ‘peace of mind’.

Axelent Guarding