Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors R01a


  • Endless flexibility
  • Modular construction
  • Roller, chain or hard wearing plastic slat versions
  • High load capacity
  • Variable speed control for unstable loads
  • Simple, low cost maintenance
  • Optional - Low friction under carpet for belted versions - reduces motor size and power consumed
  • Wide selection of module lengths and widths to suit any load
  • Durable powder coat, galvanised or wash down stainless steel

Sipro pallet conveyors have been developed with many years experience and are now available in standardised lengths, widths and roller or chain pitches to suit almost any simple or complex application, pallet condition and / or load.

Available from 3 separate material types: mild, stainless or plastic and with options for soft start or inverter control our conveyors are ideally suited to the most specific work place demands for stable pallet transfer and location in harsh, aggressive or clean room environments.

Sipro pallet conveyors can be supplied in roller, chain or hard wearing plastic slat versions best suited for handling pallets of variable quality. Plastic slat versions can also be provided with optional 'Denirug' low friction under carpet to significantly reduce motor size and operating costs.

With the addition of turntables, chain transfer sections, transfer shuttles and special low level designs almost any configuration is possible.