Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems


  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Improves Product Quality and Consistency
  • Improves Quality of Work for Employees
  • Increases Production Output Rates
  • Increases Product Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Reduces Material Waste and Increases Yield
  • Complies with Safety Rules and Improves Workplace Health and Safety
  • Reduces Labour Turnover and Difficulty of Recruiting Workers
  • Reduces Capital Costs (Inventory, WIP)
  • Saves Space in High Value Manufacturing Areas


Grab a Bargin

At a time when austerity measures are taking hold budgets are necessarily tight. Sipro from time to time has access to fully refurbished robots that will continue to give many years service without having to make the level of investment required for a new system.

Check out our refurbished stock, but be quick all systems are offered on a first come first serve basis.