Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems


The fully-automatic PAL-Cut® sheet dispenser quickly and accurately cuts paper or plastic layer sheets to a self programable length, directly from the roll. The PAL-Cut® system allows a total saving of up to 75%. Using the Antim65® non-slip intermediate sheets also puts an end to damage during transportation.

The sheet cutter is designed for use in industrial companies with high sheet consumption rates where automatic palleting units have to run continuously.

The PAL-Cut base dispenser increases efficiency further by automatically applying base sheets to your pallets as they pass the line on their way to palleting. This system increases capacity in the palleting process, as the base sheet is already on the pallet. The system has been developed to be easily integrated into either new or existing installations and is compatible with all kinds of pallets.

The PAL-Cut® sheet dispenser can also be integrated into a robot cell where the robot is set up to pick and place its own empty pallets and sheets dispensed by the PAL-Cut®.