Palletising / De-Palletising & Pick and Place Systems

ISO9001 Quality Standards

Our quality standards are defined by ISO9001 and embrace everything we do right down to the sales process itself.

In house manufacture under ISO9001 helps deliver consistent and measurable quality and results, which ensures our customers get what they paid for!


ISO9001 Quality Control


3D Design

Highly Experienced

Sometimes the solution defies convention at Sipro we thrive on 'out of the box' thinking to present ideas that can only come through years of proven experience.

With over 30 years in the robot business as a company, well over 300 successful installations and employees who collectively number over a 100 years experience it's reassuring to know that the company you're dealing with has probably seen it all before!

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New Factory Facilities

3D Robot Simulation and Design

Sipro has invested heavily in 3D visualisation which is prevalent throughout the sales 'and' design processes. Commonly we work with 3D robot simulations to prove presented solutions and eliminate the uncertainty when making big decisions.

Even when the decision is made its reassuring to know that our design processes follow the same principles and involve our customers every step of the way for a more assured and risk assessed result.

3D Robot Simulation

Strength of Partnership

Sipro is an affilated systems partner of KuKa, Nachi, LAC and Procanical enabling a strength of supply chain unrivalled by many of our competitors.

Our strengths are in our ability to complement our scope of supply with highly competitive conveyor systems and 'in house' fabrication facilities, robot and plc/hmi programming. With over 40,000sq ft of assembly space enabling we can take on even the largest of projects.

A 6 man design department using the latest 3D design software can be deployed to support large systems to help bring them to completion on time and within budget.

Sipro's reliance on 3D robot simulation software offers a risk reduction process to ensure only the right solutions are presented to our clients at the sales stage.