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    To help you get answers more quickly here are our responses to some of the more commonly asked questions.

    Do you train operatives after system hand over?

    “Yes, this is an important part of the process because more informed operators are less likely to need constant support after hand over, but when they do, a better trained operator is more capable of working with us to solve a problem.

    Sipro provides detailed general operator training as standard with all systems we provide. This can be further enhanced with Classroom / Practical training sessions, which are optional.

    Sipro also optionally offers the client a service engineer post hand over to provide ad-hoc support to line operators during the first week(s) of system operation. The engineer provides ‘over the shoulder’ assistance to operators guiding them through machine functionality, operation and maintenance issues. This hands off approach ensure the operator performs the task and better remembers the actions taken.”

    Do you train operatives after system hand over?
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