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    Flexible Packaging

    Flexible Packaging

    At The Food Machinery Co Ltd, We pride ourselves on our personal, professional and caring approach. We make it our mission to provide our customers with premium packaging at competitive prices. With our combined machine and packaging knowledge we offer a unique ‘one stop shop’ partnership service that provides the perfect solution to any packaging / machine related problem.

    What do you expect from a packaging supplier? Our flexible business structure allows us to tailor our services around your requirements offering you what is best for you.

    • Manufactured in BRC and ISO factories as standard.
    • Full artwork and design services
    • Free packaging consultancy
    • Free standard pouch tooling
    • Low origination costs
    • Flexible order quantities
    • Fully customizable, made to order.
    • Recyclable and compostable options.
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    - Skin Films

    - Vacuum bags

    - Trays


    Fish & Shellfish

    -          Skin films

    -          Vacuum bags

    -          Trays



    -          Vacuum bags

    -          Easy peel high barrier films


    Sauces & Liquids (hot and cold fill)

    -          Sachets

    -          Vacuum bags

    -          Stand up pouches

    -          Stand up pouch with nozzle and anti-tamper cap



    -          OPP film

    -          Stand up pouches



    -          OPP films / laminates

    -          Pre-made pouches

    -          Stand up pouches


    Cold Cuts

    -          Skin films

    -          Thermoform films

    -          Lidding films


    Fruit & Veg

    -          OPP films / laminates

    -          Skillet trays


    Ready Meals

    -          Skillet trays

    -          Lidding films

    -          Stand up pouches


    Coffee & Tea

    -          Goglio valve pouches

    -          High barrier laminates

    -          Flat bottom box pouch

    -          Side gusseted pouch

    -          Custom Shape pouch

    -          Custom Shape sachet


    Nuts, Seeds & Pulses

    -          Stand up pouches

    -          High barrier laminate films

    -          Flat bottom box pouch

    -          Side gusseted pouch

    -          Custom Shape pouch

    -          Custom Shape sachet


    Pet Food

    -          High barrier films

    -          Stand up pouches

    -          Flat bottom box pouch

    -          Side gusseted pouch

    -          Custom Shape pouch

    -          Custom Shape sachet



    Flexible Packaging Layouts / Options


    Pre-Made Pouch Options

    -          Stand up pouch

    -          Flat bottom box pouch

    -          Side gusseted pouch

    -          Custom Shape pouch

    -          Custom Shape sachet


    Pre-Made Bags / Sachets

    -          Pillow pack with back seal

    -          3 side seal sachets

    -          Stick pack

    -          Vacuum pouch


    Optional Additions

    -          Euro slot

    -          Hole Punch

    -          Press close zip (stand up pouch, flat bottom box pouch, custom design pouch*, Custom Shape Sachet* (*limited)

    -          Tear off front zip (flat bottom box pouch)

    -          Tear Notches

    -          Easy tear laser score line

    -          Grab handle (multiple options)

    -          Spout (stand up pouch, 3 side seal sachet, flat bottom box pouch, Custom shape pouch, custom shape sachet)


    Print Methods

    -          Gravure

    -          Flexographic Standard

    -          Flexographic HD

    -          Offset

    -          Digital


    Print / Material Options

    -          Matt finish (Film)

    -          Matt finish (lacquer/varnish)

    -          Patterned Matt Finish (lacquer/varnish)

    -          Gloss finish (film)

    -          Gloss finish (lacquer/varnish)

    -          Paper finish white

    -          Paper finish brown

    -          Paper finish with die cut window

    -          Compostable film

    -          Compostable paper finish

    -          Recyclable film

    -          Recyclable Paper

    The importance of packaging your products in a safe, attractive way should never be underestimated. We offer custom packaging options to suit a wide variety of needs, from printing bespoke designs onto your packaging, to supplying made to order custom vacuum bags with pre-printed details.

    Printed Bags

    Our BRC accredited flexible printed packaging option is great for facilities keen to outsource their packaging and save money on packaging set-up costs and overheads. Our printed packaging can be ordered in a variety of packaging types, each printed with your own custom design. Packaging types available include cold seal film, vacuum bags, stand up pouches, ovenable pouches, and many more.

    Vacuum Pouches

    Vacuum pouches are a fantastic option in cases where shelf-life is a priority. For use with various vacuum packaging machines including chamber-style table-top machines, floor-standing machines, and swing-lid machines. Vacuum packing means that products are packed with little to no air inside the packaging, reducing oxidisation - which causes food to spoil - and meaning products stay fresh for much longer compared to other packaging options.

    Textured vacuum bags

    Also known as special surface channel bags, textured vacuum bags are compatible with external clamp vacuum machines. Embossed or textured vacuum bags have an imprinted surface which creates channels through which air can easily be vented from the bag. Like our standard vacuum pouches, these bags significantly reduce the shelf-life of perishable food products, making them a popular choice in facilities where foodstuffs must be shipped long distance. Our textured vacuum bags are compatible with many brands of clamp vacuums including Foodsaver and JBL, and can be used by all sizes and scales of operations.

    Stand up vacuum pouches

    Stand-up pouches are a popular choice; consumers like them because they're easy to store and see, and manufacturers like them because they're functional and flexible. Stand up pouches can be used to store a range of goods from dry goods to liquids to powders, and their resealable opening makes them convenient for consumers. Our stand up pouches can be customised to your designs, so do get in touch to discuss your packaging vision with us. If you're looking for a convenient, affordable one-stop shop for packaging and food production equipment, The Food Machinery Company Ltd. can help. For more advice and information about flexible packaging and where it can be used in your operation, contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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