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    Industrial Washing & Hygiene

    Industrial Washing & Hygiene

    Hygiene is of critical importance in the food industry, but it’s only when you face the daily challenge of cleaning a multitude of crates, boxes, trays, pallets, tote bins and dolavs that you realise how much time and resource it can take.

    Additionally, machine parts that are regularly hand washed can become lost or damaged, causing production delays. We offer a wide range of specialised washers, and our powerful and low maintenance machines are designed to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Our systems vary from small standalone utensil washers through to large fully-automated washing systems with automatic loading and stacking.

    Crate & Bin Washers

    We have been supplying the UK with our range of industrial washers from Holland for over 25 years. Clients include food factories, bakeries and distribution centres, as well as fresh produce growers, research labs and pharmaceutical companies.

    We offer solutions for washing virtually any item, regardless of the level of spoilage.

    - Distribution and product crates
    - Chocolate moulds
    - Tote bins
    - Dolavs
    - Pallets

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    Utensil Washers

    These self-contained washers are used for washing machine change parts and other components. Special racks are available for washing chainmail gloves, knives, multihead weigher bins etc. With a wash of 60°C and a hot sanitising rinse at 80°C, parts are efficiently washed and sanitised far more thoroughly than can be achieved by hand washing. Alternative temperature cycles are available.

    Change parts can be loaded into a tray and washed together, which helps to prevent loss and damage. We offer washers of various sizes to suit different capacities, IWWas well as side tables for pre-washing and unloading.

    Washing And Hygiene

    There's no doubt that washing and hygiene is one of the most important aspects of safe food processing, which is why we offer a range of washing and hygiene machines and equipment to ensure your operation meets the highest standards from start to finish.

    Washing & Hygiene Equipment For Food Production

    Cut down time spent cleaning and improve your standards of hygiene at the same time by investing in high-quality, efficient machines that can aid your facility in every aspect of cleaning and eliminating contamination, helping to ensure your products meet all relevant food safety requirements.

    A Range Of Washing & Hygiene Machines

    Tunnel washers, or continuous batch washers, can be used to clean a huge range of items from trays and boxes to crates and more. Our tunnel washers are available in a range of sizes to suit very large items, and clean to high standards to ensure that items can be used again and again while meeting all industry hygiene standards. If you use pallets in your operation, pallet washers are specifically designed to wash plastic pallets between uses. They are designed to handle pallets of up to 160mm by 1000mm with easy loading and unloading making washing pallets a quick, efficient process every time while making life easier for your staff. Whatever type of food you produce or process, clean utensils are important. Our commercial utensil washers offer an efficient and cost-effective way to wash crates, utensils and tools used in the food processing and manufacturing industry. This ensures zero contamination between uses and minimises staff downtime. When it comes to minimising contamination at your facility, shoe wrap machines can be installed to help your staff quickly cover their shoes upon entering work. Improperly worn shoe wraps are a significant source of contamination and bacteria in food processing, and by using a shoe wrap machine your staff can ensure their feet are properly covered - without having to touch the base of their shoes - for optimum hygiene every day.

    Specialist Food Equipment Washers

    Specialist washers can be used to clean large volumes of tools and items. We stock load pan washers and trolley washers, which can be adapted to fit the demands of your food processing facility. Specialist washers are a necessity for larger operations with unique needs. You can browse our food production hygiene machinery online, or alternatively don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, and our professional team will be able to help you find the best washing and hygiene equipment for your facility.

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