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    Multihead & Linear Weighers

    Multihead & Linear Weighers

    Our range of weighing machinery is designed to handle all products range of fresh and meat products through frozen, dried, granular and powder products. 

    The machines can form a part of a system with one of our packaging machines or alternatively can also be used for hand filling if required.

    Special weighers can also “assemble” multiple products of different weights into a single pack providing accurate portion control of individual products.

    Take a look at our Multihead Weigher and Linear Weigher below or contact us if you have a special requirement.

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    Linear weighers have the advantage of having a hopper that can be hand fed, three different deed rates then fill the weigh bin to the target weight, for accuracy they are ideally suited to smaller free flowing granular products with a low individual piece weight.

    We supply different models with up to four weigh bins, the standard software can blend up to four different weight products into a single deposit.

    We also offer a special linear weigher for sticky products , this is fitted with 6 weigh bins and 6 memory buckets.

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