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    Seeing Is Believing

    Seeing Is Believing

    Seeing Is Believing

    The Benefits of Vision
    With customers applying pressure to deliver lower costs and higher quality, which are often linked to financial penalty, your production can gain significant improvements in profitability by applying machine vision technology. This technology never tires and applies the same criteria consistently to the imaging process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at speeds where humans just can’t reliably keep up.

    There are two main vision types: 2D or 3D with the choice of which platform to choose depending on the application. Machine vision applications can range from simple tasks such as presence detection to complex ‘real time’ inspection or virtual co-ordinate confirmation of part position for robot picking.

    Here are some ways Sipro’s use of vision can help:

    Positioning: detecting and locating an objects position and then reporting its presence, position and/or orientation in the 2D or 3D world to a robot for picking.

    Inspection: verifying product quality by checking and confirming the presence of all parts of an assembly or finding and reporting defects and deviations by comparing the viewed object against known and accepted data.

    Measurement: determining object dimensions such as length, width, height, and volume and comparing to ‘in tolerance’ parameters.

    Reading: reading and decoding text such as 1D code, 2D code, and OCV/OCR

    Our team here at Sipro has used vision for over a decade and together with our dedicated suppliers we can advise and find the right vision solution whatever your application.

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