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    Staubli Robotics

    Staubli Robotics

    Wherever speed, precision and reliability are critical and whatever your industry, Stäubli robots offer specific robotics solutions for the most stringent requirements in all industries from the most hostile environments to the strictest cleanrooms. Stäubli has a complete range of industrial robots for processing, machining, loading and unloading machine tools. Staubli’s ‘High Speed Machining’ robots are ideal for several wide range applications from finishing and die trimming to drilling, tapping and de-burring.

    Compatible with clean environments and wash down requirements Staubli robots offer simple, easy and compact integration. The range of 4 and 6-axis robotic arms is especially designed for the plastics and food industries increasing the added value of the product and reducing process cost.

    Did you know?….

    Stäubli robots can actually clean themselves. The robots can wash and sterilise their tools as often as necessary, then clean their workstation and the area within their reach. Total hygiene, guaranteed.

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